229 acres of the property is enrolled in a State program called the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Act

(SFIA) for a 50 year Covenant. It is an agreement not to develop the land, yet does not prevent timber harvesting or any of the recreational activities we do. It also allows for the sale of the property as a whole or subdivided. Strategic areas of the property were excluded from this agreement to allow for new opportunities if desired. 


Below is the new 2018 Woodland Stewardship Management plan for the property that is approved and registered with the MNDNR for qualification into the Sustainable Forestry Initiative Act (SFIA) mentioned above.  this plan was prepared together with a registered consulting forester per the requirements of the program.  These detailed plans are required to be rewritten every ten years in order to remain qualified for the SFIA program. The last plan was written in 2010 and although was not yet required to be updated, so many changes had been made including planting, harvesting, roads etc. weI wanted a new one to submit with our application to change from a 15 to 50 year covenant agreement.