What's New

6/1  Spent 4 hours on the tractor mowing roads for first time this year. Got little over half done until I sheared a pin on the brush hog. Needed more fuel anyway so quit for the day.  


5/31  Jim and I checked food plots and put up all the new signs at all the stands I got for Christmas. 


5/30 Had a wonderful picnic at the campo today with grandchildren. Then a Long trail ride looking for animals and trail cameras. Saw a deer and Turkey


5/24 Great day. Nolan, our youngest hunter scored with his first turkey at the camp. He got it at the bottom of field 2.


5/23. Got the last of the food plot seed in. then cam the rains. Now lets hope we get a good soaker for. 


5/22  Took and grandkids for a long ride at the camp. reset all the game cameras and the kids played in the deer stands. 


5/21 Rock, Mark, Jim and I planted and fertilized all the food plots today. Hopefully the rains will come as forecast for the next 3 days.  Everything is real dry. 


5/20 Finally got the game cameras up and running. So The grandkids and I went and placed them and then played in the deer stands and had a good ride in the ranger. The big swans are back again for the 5 year in a row. 


5/17  Four couples spend the day running the trails on ATV's and then a nice BBQ at the camp. Great to catch up with a bunch of neighbors.  


5/16 Spread 12 yards of seasoned manure in the food plots today.


5-14/15  Spent most of the days plowing and cultivating the food plots. Opened new areas in all three fields for clover plots also.


5/13  I went and bought 4 more apples trees to replace the dead ones and got them planted. All 41 apple trees now have been fertilized with trees spike in 2020.  Will be spraying them in a couple weeks for the first time this year. 


5/12 I took the day off working at the camp so Laurie , our daughter Anna and I took the grandchildren to play on the trails with the big ranger. Kids loved it!


5/11  Planted 3 new apple trees to but realized I had 4 die last winter. Also mowed food plots and started the spring plowing of the food plots. The new cultivator/digger is going to work very well. 


5/9 Back on the turkey stand and I scored within a couple hours. Biggest bird I have shot at 21 lbs with a beard over 10".  That makes 4 turkeys for Spring 2020 shot at the camp. 


 5/8 First day back at camp for 2020. Changed out tracks on ranger and took chains off beaver bus. Graded the access road, open a beaver dam. Lot of thing to finnish cleaning up after Maple Syrup operations this spring. Firewood to cut. Tarps to take down. etc. etc. Trails all looked good after takign a quick run on them. Orchard needs attending with fertilizer spikes. Hoping to add a few more trees this year.  


4/21  After seeing many many birds, Roy tagged out this morning down on South pipeline. 


4/19  Guys hunting figure they have seen close to 100 birds. 2 nice toms down by Jim and Mark. Pictures below! Awesome. 


4/15 2020 spring turkey season opens. Jim got a 24 lb with 9 3/4 beard today. Rock missed a Tom and Craig who was using a bow had a nice Tom come within 5 yards but couldn't get a shot. I am actually still stuck in Texas but going turkey and pig hunting at my cousins tomorrow in San Saba.  


3/28  The team was back at work today bottling the syrup. 9 3/4 gallons was the final count for the 2020 season. Everything cleaned, put away and season in now over!  Next on the agenda is Spring Turkey hunting, then food plot planting.


3/25  Due to the virus camp is almost shut down. All taps are pulled and things cleaned. All sap boiled down to brix 29 and the final boil will be Saturday and then expected to bottle about 8 gallons of final product. With the stay at home order issued by the governor. better to stop now and complete the year. Many thanks to the many that did the syrup this year. GREAT FRIENDS!!! 


3/20  Everyday the bags are being checked. And today more are being set out by Jim,Travis, Griffin and Dan. Cooking should start Saturday  3/21 with Rock and Craig!  With the Corvid-19 we sadly are requesting a limited number of people to the camp this year. This virus crap is adversely effecting everyone and everything. 


3/17 The bags are collecting sap so the plans are to collect sap tomorrow. Call Dan Carlson if you want to help. 


3/15 Mark and Rock will be at the camp Monday working on taps. Anyone wanting to help, call one of them for more information. Mak 320-249-4431  Rock 320-493-1459


3/11  Jim,  Mark and Rock back at the camp working, cleaning etc. etc.  


3/7  Poganski's,' Murphys and Carlson's teamed together to work at the camp Saturday plowing, cleaning and tapping!!


3/5/20  The guy that cuts the hay fields opened up the road into the camp with the big 3/4 ton and V plow. Then Mark and Rock spent the day getting the camp open. Got all equipment started, plowed, shoveled. etc.etc.etc. Tapped several trees and fired up the wood stove. CAMP is open, now to finnish tapping the trees!!! 


2/20/20  New year and new experiences await. Sitting in Texas at our winter home in Spring Branch I am trying to plan maple syrup season from 1352 away. Dan, Mark and Rock will be the on-site captains coordinating actual activities. I have access into the camp organized when we are ready to roll.  Mark Jim Rock and Dan will work on getting the trees tapped. The camp is totally ready for tapping with everything required but the drills on site. Equipment is are ready to roll. Now we just wait and see what the weather does.




11/27 Neighbor Dan Carlson went out to the camp with his grandchildren and cut a Christmas tree. Exactly why those were planted to share with others.  


11/13  2019 was a fabulous year at the camp. Again it provided more opportunity and fulfillment than we could have ever imagined before buying it.  It entertained, and help to educate  hundreds of people throughout the year. What a blessing!  With us now living in Texas for the winter months things are going to be pretty quite there. A trapper will be in and out trapping beaver and perhaps some friend checking on thing on their snowmobiles (while running the trails).  To all that have helped make this possible thank you. See you in 2020!


11/9 -11/12  Anther GREAT DEER CAMP!  We ended the year at 6 for 7. Scoring was Mark-2, Jim 1, Matt 1, Nolan 1 and Ron 1. Lot of firsts, new stories, and deer shot in new locations. Absolutely beautiful in the woods with the seasons first snowfall.  All deer processed, camp totally cleaned and prepped for maple syrup season com March.