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10/14  Back from spending a week up in Minnesota. Although I only had the opportunity to work at the camp for a couple days it was great to be back home. Trails were in great shape thanks for all the hours the guys put into it. Bear had gotten into the orchard just before arriving and helped itself to the few remaining apples, however Jim had picked a bunch and had stored for us to take back to Texas and enjoy. Also got to spend several hours on the tractor mowing the south pipeline and together with the guys cleared several trails from wind blown trees.  Stands and camp are ready for deer season coming upon us quickly. 


9/23  Things continue to happen at the camp. apples being picked, trail come pictures showing up, bears in the food plots, trees over the trails being cut up, etc etc. I'll be back to camp pretty soon to help prepare for deer camp in November. Can't wait to get back and see everybody and check things out. So hard being away from it.  


8/20. Sorry but I have been slow at posting all the activities at the camp. Mark, Rock and Jim all continue to work at the camp. Lot of time taking care of the orchard food plots and trails. Report are fewer but better quality of apples for 2021. Looking forward to getting back up their pretty soon.  All fine with the camp and equipment! Thanks GUYS!!!


7/4/21. Hay being cut this weekend. Lot of effort still be put forth by the guys keeping the place up. THANK YOU!


6/5 The gang continues to keep things rolling with taking care of all the food plots, trails, mowing and the orchard. Thank you to all!


5/12  Well the guys were back at it today planting all the food plots. Corn, radishes and oats were the primary seed planted. They also addressed the orchard and watered the trees.  Great to have wonderful friends covering for me.  In addition, the maple syrup crew has taken and cleaned up all the vehicles at the camp after what was a very muddy season. They are now running well and ready for people to enjoy.


5/3  Jim taking the beaver bus ( crew cab ranger) into the dealer for it's semi-annual tune up. Couldn't keep or run the camp without good friends!


5/2  The team took to the camp today, ( first time less me), and mowed then plowed all the food plots in preparation for seeding. Full day of work having done it myself the past 8 years. Mark mastered the tractor and changing implements while Jim handled the more manual parts of the equation. Thanks to both!!

4/23 Today was opening morning for Spring Turkey 2021. This is the first hunting camp I missed now since moving to Texas. And yes, missing it severely with all my buddies there.  At this writing at 4:00PM 3 of the four hunter have Toms. Mark, Roy and Jim all scored. Rock had several opportunities also but passed waiting for a bigger one. The camp comes through again, year after year creating memories! However, today nor his season is over!


4/16 In preparation for spring turkey season nest week, Mark got all the blinds set up and decoys set in each today. Going to be the first camp I have missed in 7 years and 3 people short from the regular crew this year. Craig home with a new baby girl, Andrew another commitment and me now in Texas. Hoping they have another great year. I'm already missing it. 


4/4 Easter 2021. Few pictures from the camp this week as the guys get ready for spring turkey season. Look how healthy that bob cat is!!


4/1 Camp is closed with the final cleanup of maple syrup season. Wonderful year with lot of people doing lot of work throughout the whole process. Special thanks to those that worked ( you know who your are) until the end cleaning and getting things put away for 2021. That is a big job!! Not going to let them camp settle a awhile and the roads heal. They took a real beating this year. 


3/25 Mark rock Dan and Doug continue to collect cook and bottle  syrup. Trees started running again and they are running what should be the last batch to yield another 10 gallons. Taps will be pulled Friday. 


3/24 Wow what a maple syrup season in 2021.  Short but productive season. 37 gallons of syrup. many many people, big pancake breakfast, Grandkids staying at the camp and me being back to camp for 8 days. We are so BLESSED!


3/9 Jim and Sara, Mark and Jan, Rock and Marsha, Dan and Kriti to camp and started the cooking. Got the cookers going along with the 2 gas boiling stoves up and operational. Cut and restacked firewood and prepared places for sitting and eating within the boiling shack. Talk about great friends. And I sit 1350 miles south watching it happen. soon however, I'll be back in the middle of it all! So anxious to get back to the camp. 


3/8 Steve Karen, Rock Marsha and Dan and Kristi to camp to collect and work on firewood.


3/6  Each day the sap flow gets better. Today the Murphy clan went to camp and collected. 90 gallons in the tanks! Boiling starts Tuesday!


3/2 Mark, Jan, Julie Dan, Marcia and Rock out tapping today! Wish I was there!


2/28. CAMP IS BACK OPEN FOR 2021!  Roy and Nolan headed out to camp today and got things done. started the equipment and moved it around, removed snow and ice, and got down all the heavy tote's from the rafters full of maple syrup supplies. I ordered more bits, grease filters and containers today shipping to Rocks house. Then Tuesday Rock, Mark and their wives are heading out to start tapping.  Now were going to see the real test about me being in Texas and the camp up and running. Can this last???  Really looking forward to getting back to the land. 


2/7  Back in the chat groups about maple syrup. Lot of people on the south fringes of syrup territory are tapped and cooking.  Sent out a email to the crew who does sapping to outline the tentative plans. This morning at the camp was -24 below so things are at least a month out yet. Still, I am getting anxious sitting here in Texas about the upcoming season.


2/1/21 Getting lonesome from the camp and excited for 2021 Maple Syrup Season. I missed last year due to the covid crap. Planning on being home mid to late March for it. 


12/10 Just when you thought things were closed down....No. Camp has continued to be used. 1st some friends family went out shooting and 4 wheeling with the unseasonal weather. Then another buddy went and processed a deer there that he hit with his truck about 10 miles from it.  Glad people are using it.


11/26  This should be the last update for 2020. Camp is officially closed down until Maple Syrup season however there will be a few friends enjoying the winter trails no doubt.  Another great year with many wonderful memories! Man are we blessed! 


11/25 Again this year the camp has provided free Christmas trees for friends. I love it when a plan comes together!


11-6 through 11/14  Deer Season 2020. Wow best year ever! Weather was incredibly warm and made for a wonderful season. Picked up Geoff and Matt from the airport at 9:30 Thursday night. Got to camp by 10:30PM. Temp 60. We sat outside in shirts drinking scotch and smoking cigars until 12:30. Friday took the ranger around to all stands to refamiliarize Geoff with stands since he hasn't been home for deer camp in 3 years. Dropped GPS pins at all stands and changed camera chips. When reviewing the chips back at camp we saw 2 huge bucks. One very distinguishable by a non-typical horn.  This year we decided to draw cards for stand choices. Geoff- Oak Tree, Jim-Tamarack, Roy-SPL, Andrew- Stinky, Matt-Maple Valley, Nick-Buck,, Ron - One Night.  To make a long story short by 10:00 AM we had 6. 3 nice 6 pointers and one huge 250 lb monster with a non typical rack. My son Geoff shot 3 bucks including the big one out of the same stand with 3 shots. Another deer was down by Sunday night. On Saturday 11/14, for the second weekend, Nolan 11 years old first time ever deer hunting alone shot a beautiful doe, completing our 8 for 8 season.  What a year. We figure we saw over 35 deer. Myself I could have shot 9 but declined allowing a open tag to be used by one of the guys that haven't shot many deer. It was a awesome season!!!! (the only thing better is if Mark could have been there. A camp Charter member had a heart attack a week before camp and had to miss opening this year. He'll be back next year!)


11/5 Late afternoon we saw 10 deer in the field. Lot on the cameras and bucks starting to move in daylight hours. Geoff and Matt arrive tonight at the airport for 4 days. Picked Jim up yesterday. Camp time is closing in fast.


11/3  Been preseason scouting every AM and PM. Seeing deer every time. Cameras showing lot of deer and bucks. Lasy few days Bucks are starting to move in day time. Lot of bucks around. Should be another  banner season!!


10/30. The last couple weeks have been busy at the camp but sorry I haven't updated the web site.  Moving to texas we have stored stuff at the camp so we have installed a steel racking system which has worked very well.  Orchard is all pruned back for 2021. Guns all sighted in and all the deer stands ready for the onslaught of hunters coming in. My son Geoff will be for for the first time in 3 years and we have people coming in from 4 states. Can't wait. 


10/4  Camp again provides as I shot a nice Tom Turkey yesterday for Fall season. 


10/1  More apples picked. Gave more away. Honey Golds are ready and going to all be picked on Tuesday to take to Texas.


 9/20 Sorry I haven't been posting. Been to busy selling our home and preparing for the move to Texas. Still the camp is active however. 5 families went and picked apples this past weekend. We also took boxes of apples to our relatives for a family event.  The season is nearing its end and I am guessing we still have close to 1,000 apples to pick. 


9/19  Anna's family came to the camp for a beautiful fall day. Apples picked, trails ridden and lots of pictures.


 9/18 Mark ,Jim and I did a complete reorganization of the storage area of the camp today. Setting up 35' of steel shelving to store goods from the home we sold we actually created considerably more room and made it look a lot better.


9/14 Mid season apples are now ready. Time to do some picking!


9/14 Week goes by an no more bears? What is going on? The large logging operation south of the camp may be just enough of a disturbance to push them out. 


9/7  Barely light ( no pun intended), shot fired. After waiting for an hour then after a thorough search, no blood. Clean miss. Re-baited the bait station and the hunt will start again Friday night. I'll be home from Texas so will be joining the crew at the camp.


9/6 Over 30 hours in the bear stand and nothing! Actually deer and racoons but no bear? Where did they go? 


9/3  Bear hunting will start Friday evening. Camp will be occupied and ready for action. The cleaning Calvary are all on speed dial ready for action. 


9/2  Big day. We sold our home on Shamineau Lake. This now opens the real possibility of selling the camp land. Lots of mixed feelings.


8/27  The bait has been getting  hit everyday so a decision was made to put the bears favorite food ( chocolate covered donuts) in a bag up a tree. Well the bear broke the tree over and got to the donuts.  Lesson learned. Don't take chocolate covered donuts to your deer stand!


 8/24  4 times today bears hit the bait! 


8/23  Bears have been hitting the bait station almost everyday and some times 2 times a day, but different bears. One is a great big one, others smaller.  Again this year their favorite food are the donuts! 


8/15 Bear baiting day as they set up somewhere by nightmare hill Stand. Rock, Craig, Mark, Roy and Nolan all at camp. Although big storm last night, only couple trees down across the roads. Also hitting the apple orchard seeing if the first trees of the season are now ripe. 


8/8 Starting in the next week or so, there will be bear baiting at the camp on the north side. Other than apples picking and driving to the orchard, unless you are associated with the bear hunting party,please refrain from going to the camp. 


8/7 I spent the afternoon with my grandson and son-in-law riding 4 wheelers at the camp. Notice the first tree every year to change color has already begun. It is a maple on the north shore of the island on Twin lake. 


8/6  Went to orchard to lay cayenne pepper around the fence to keep the bears out. Got to the orchard and the bear was inside the fence. He soon vacated after some yelling and horn honking. Spread the pepper so hopefully that will be the end of him. Met with Gordy today at the fence line. Talked and talked. Man they don't make good men like him very often. 



7-30-8/5  Lot of time at the camp. Mowed South pipeline now that nesting season is over getting ready for deer season. Worked in the orchard as a bear got in and damaged some trees. Sprayed for last time, fixed the fence. Lot of apples! Also spoke with Tom Kramer today. They are beginning a logging operation to the south of the gun range. I gave him permission to clear the south area to tamarack stand for a log landing yard and permission to us my legal access out to highway 10. 


7/29  Spent all morning at camp. Mowed majority of north end. Sprayed locust area and addressed access road. Hay is all cut being wind rowed. Food plots really coming along nice. Saw a doe and 2 fawns in the plot on SPL and a big doe up on north Main.  Going back out Friday and work in the orchard spraying and trimming. Looks like we need a little fence repair also. 


7/22  Time to take the small ranger in for the bi-annual tune up.  Every other year each piece of equipment goes to the shop for complete tune ups, oil changes etc.  Last year the beaver bus ( ranger crew cab) got one.  


7/20  Another day, another camp tour with some relatives whom never been there before. Didn't see any wildlife but the apples and food plots are doing well. Had a couple trees over the trails from the storm the other night that we quickly cut up and set aside for future firewood. Clover in the trails are prolific this year with all the timely rains.  I'll be mowing trails again real soon.


7-12  Beautiful morning at the camp today with the sunrise coming up. Sprayed the apple orchard for the second time in 2020. Looks to be 1500-2000 apples for this year. Changed out trail cameras.  Seems like more wildlife this summer. Deer Bear and turkeys everywhere! Food plots are coming along very nice with corn and mixed clovers. See pictures below. Lot of nice bucks developing!


7-5  Early morning at the camp mowing orchard and a few trails. Saw a huge Tom Turkey!  Swans were on Twin Lake sharing it with a beaver.  Other than the worst time of year for deer flies, it was a beautiful morning everything so green and lush. The food plots are coming along and the hay and alfalfa must be over 4' high.  


7-3  Again as in most weekends, a buddy taking his family to the camp to ride four wheelers and use the gun range.  He just called and asked permission. These guys all have keys to everything yet they always call and ask first. Fabulous use of the property where so many have great memories. Total purpose we have been blessed by. 


7-1  Took tractor back to the camp today and worked in the orchard. Started mowing the trails for the second time this  year, Saw a bear on the way to the camp and 6 turkeys:  2 each in three different locations at the camp.