We first saw the property October 2, 2012 and fell in love with it.  The leaves were in full color and with the heavy concentration of maples, it was spectacular. The more we saw, the better we liked it and it was only about 10 minutes from our home on Shamineau Lake.


The land stretches a mile north to south and a half mile east to west. Its rolling topography is one of the key features that makes this land so unique. Its elevation changes over 130 feet from its lowest area at Corner Lake up to the northeast hill, which is the second highest point in Morrison County. Due to the many rolling ridges, steep ravines, and high hillsides, the actual land area is closer to 270 acres versus the 255 as recorded. 


The previous owners hired foresters for many years to help manage the property. Those wise actions created a very diversified and healthy ecosystem. Today 100 year old oak & maple stands, towering red pines, clear cuts, native grasslands, red pine - balsam - white spruce plantations and various age classes of aspen & mixed northern hardwoods make up the parcel. It is a prime example of both prudent and sustainable natural resource management. 


Since buying the land, we have hand planted about 8,000 seedlings of Red Oak, White Spruce, Balsam Fir, Red and White Pine.  Coupled together with nine miles of groomed ATV trails, two lakes, two large ponds, some native lowland and upland grasses, natural springs and 20 acres of food plots in the center of the property, you have a ideal environment for a strong and highly diversified wildlife population. 


Surrounded on three sides by large private land parcels and to the east by the Lake Alexander Scientific and Natural Area,  the parcel is very secluded. Being 1/2 mile off the highway, the gated entrance provides for a quiet sanctuary. With a Forestry Degree from the University of Minnesota 80',  and having worked professionally as a forester in both the public and private sectors, it is wonderful to be able to manage such an incredible piece of property. 


This property is incredible whitetail deer habitat with its rolling ridges, pinch points, funnels,  food plots, water resources, remoteness, clear cuts, mature oaks and miles of edge effect.   

Cutting through the property is an underground pipeline. At 150 feet wide and over 3/4 mile long it provides for both natural grassy areas lots of edge effect and wonderful food plots.  Included partially within the pipeline area is 18 acres of tillable fields. These are in the very center of the property but comprise of what we call field 1, field 2 and field 3. An incredible asset for hunting and management activities. 


 What this land doesn't have that is non-typical to many Minnesota larger acreage properties are unusable areas. I am referring to flooded willow and alder grassy swamps. Also with no streams or rivers (which cause all kinds of government control issues), the land it totally accessible and useable. With the exception of the lakes and ponds described in the next section, this property is all highland. This property has all the good and none of the "less desirable" features typically found in Minnesota property.  




The Land