Trail Usage

The extensive nine plus mile trail system on the property is the key to its utilization by so many.  Being such heavy forest, without the trail system most of the land would not be used except for hunting.  Now it is used for firewood cutting, logging, general management, maple sap collecting, hunting, 4 wheeling, snowshoeing, cross country skiing, hiking, snowmobiling, berry picking and just plain exploring. One of the best elements of a private trail system is you don't have to worry about the general public coming around the corner unexpectedly creating a dangerous situation or trashing the area.


Almost every weekend during the spring, summer and fall we have relatives, friends and neighbors and their guests out running the trails on ATV's.  The trails are always maintained, mowed and open for those wanting to get out and explore. Unlike public trails, you're not going to have someone come racing over a hill at you.


Although most trails are very easy, a few are a little more challenging like "Nightmare Hill" , "Twin Lake Trail" and the "Big Rock Trail".  The wide ranging topography and the diversified forest types provide for an ever changing view and sightings of wildlife the property has to offer while using them.