Gun Range

We designated an area on the far south end of the property against a large hill to create a safe gun range. With a bulldozer, we carved out part of the hillside and made a wide trail allowing easy access. Shooting benches were constructed and a clay pigeon thrower installed.  Old swing sets were re-purposed  and converted to target holders.  A small shed/outhouse was also placed at the location to store targets and shooting supplies. Warning & safety signage were posted and behold, we had ourselves a gun range. Safe and secure.


Thousands of rounds are expended at the gun range each year from every type of gun and caliber. It is one of the favorite spots for guests to visit and use while at the camp. We even have our hunting neighbors come and sight in at our range. If needed we can sight out to over 400 yds on the pipeline. 


It is a perfect place to instruct young and new shooters firearm safety and has served that purpose well. And the best part, I have never seen anyone leave there without a smile on their face and the desire to return to shoot again.