The Water

This property features two lakes; Twin Lake (6 acres), Corner Lake (17 acres) and two ponds each about 2 1/2 acres in size named "Pretty Pond" and the "Hungry Beaver Pond." The lakes are both on the south end of the property and the ponds on the north end.  Limited marshland grasses surround a portion of the open water which is ideal for the varied wildlife.  With these critical water resources, it greatly enhances the wildlife attraction. We have seen over 200 mallards lift out of the Hungry Beaver Pond at one time.  


The water depth ranges upwards of 13-14 feet in the lakes and one of the ponds. Three of the four are spring fed. One of the ponds is also used to trap leeches for fishing. We also planted native wild rice seed in Twin Lake and Hungry Beaver Pond. 


The photos below illustrate the incredible aesthetic and environmental values of these natural water and grassy wetland resources on the property.